What do Tesla, NASA, Nokia and Infanion have in common? Drupal!


It is astonishing how many websites and web applications are built using Drupal. Over one million websites and web applications run on Drupal. To name a few: the Australian Government website, the European Commission website, the website of the City of London, the websites of Bimplan, Eric Clapton, Tesla, Nokia, the Emmy Awards, Oxford University, Harvard University, Pfizer, UNICEF, Infanion and so many more.  


Drupal: a CMS platform that stands out

Drupal is a so-called CMS platform. CMS stands for Content Management System. Simply explained: a CMS platform is used to build websites and once the website is built, web content can be created, managed and published making use of the interface of the CMS.

When you explore the possibilities of Drupal and you compare Drupal with other CMS platforms, you quickly discover that Drupal really stands out and is more than a CMS to only build websites. Drupal is open source, highly flexible, customizable, secure, modular and powerful. Drupal is ideal for large-scale use, comes with state-of-the-art design capabilities and extreme permission/access right possibilities. And that’s why more than a million websites and also web-based applications are built with Drupal.


Drupal and Infanion: a long-standing relation

Infanion has a long-standing relation with Drupal. It all started a decade ago with creating a first website and a first webshop. And nowadays, we can look back at hundreds of Drupal based solutions we developed so far for companies like bpost, Philips / TP Vision, Proximus, INDII, My Local Job, Bimplan, EOS Iedereen Wetenschapper, Primo TV Gids, Lienion,  …


Drupal and Infanion: a relation that became ‘complex’

In the early days we used Drupal to develop a typical website or webshop.  But getting more and more familiar with Drupal and becoming real Drupal experts, we also started using Drupal for the development of more 'complex' custom made, and in some cases, business-critical web-based applications with complex, state-of-the-art functionalities, including lots of third party software integrations, advanced user rights and even decoupled architecture.

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Saniya Baranwal
IPLS consultant CRS @ Infanion