Proximus and bpost

Decoder Swap

Custom software development, web-based application

In 2015, 2016 and 2017 Proximus invited its customers in Belgium to swap their old decoder with a brand new one. Proximus teamed up with bpost to organise and manage this whole swapping process.


With a unique user login, each Proximus customer could get access to a very easy to use web application and select the day and one of the bpost delivery methods for his/her decoder swap.


Infanion developed the front-end web application for this decoder swap project. This web based application was made in Drupal and hosted on Amazon cloud servers.  We integrated the application with bpost Geo 6 API for Google maps and backend webservices to fetch and send the user data.


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Proximus and bpost


Custom software development, web-based application

Project status:




Used technologies & frameworks:

Drupal, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, HTML 5, Javascript, CSS3

Integrated webservices:

Yes, using soap

Integrated third parties & microservices:

Yes, Google maps (via Geo 6)


Amazon AWS cloud server solution

User languages of the application:

Dutch, English and French

Used development methodology: