This was our 2020!


We are at the beginning of 2021, the perfect moment to evaluate the year that passed. No surprise to say that 2020 was a disturbing year. The Corona pandemic hit the world hard which impacted each one of us.


2020 should have been a year full of festivities, as Infanion was supposed to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Due to Corona, it was not possible to celebrate our first Infanion decade, but as soon as we can meet again, we will celebrate.


And although 2020 was not a normal year, when we look back at this year, we can be proud of what we achieved in these difficult circumstances:


  • Together we worked almost 22.000 days
  • We worked approximately 5.000 days in the office and 17.000 days from home, due to Corona of course
  • We all experienced for the first time in life a lock down, the meaning of social distancing and a curfew, but we kept on working and supporting our customers with passion, dedication and commitment
  • We all bought our first mouth mask and washed our hands like never before
  • We enjoyed more than 35.000 hours on Zoom or Teams with our customers or our colleagues
  • We wrote 2.855.575 lines of code
  • We created 7.502 GIT branches
  • We did 14.819 commits in GIT
  • We generated more than 5.000 SonarQube reports
  • We became IPLS™ certified
  • We finalized more than 330 releases
  • We handled almost 14.500 todos (stories, tasks)
  • We completed nearly 550 sprints
  • We did more than 3.000 daily scrums
  • We executed more than 200 security tests
  • We wrote more than 10.000 test cases
  • We travelled 75% less than in 2019, due to Corona of course
  • We recruited several new colleagues in both India and Belgium
  • And so much more …


An enourmously big thank you to all our customers for their trust and support in 2020.
And of course a very big thank you to everyone at Infanion for their hard work, commitment, enthousiasm and flexibility.

Thanks! And let 2021 come! We are ready!