Flutter: join BMW, Toyota, Ebay, … and Infanion


Flutter is a powerful, universal, open UI toolkit for building stunning visual experiences on your mobile, web, and desktop. Flutter technology is getting more and more popular by the day since it was first released in May 2017, however, it is yet to be adopted worldwide. Although, it is the most searched technology on Google compared to its rivals. 


Flutter, already used by Toyota, Google Ads, eBay, BMW, and many others

Remember seeing those ads on your desktop screens while you’re surfing any website or even on some apps you download from the Play Store and App Store? 

Google ads are one of the biggest user companies of Flutter, along with eBay, Toyota, Alibaba, BMW, and more. It is clear that Flutter is getting more and more grip on the market. 


How did Flutter make the cut?

Flutter allows space for quicker and more creative developments for apps. Flutter shows a high-performance rate, better flexibility with customizations and designs for application building, has a single codebase to begin with, open-source, and is absolutely free. Flutter makes the cut, not only because of how advanced it is but also because of its potential to evolve, and result in creative outcomes. 


Where did Flutter come from?

It is a Google product that uses Dart as its programming language and was introduced to be used for both android and iOS. Since it is a Google production, it has the privilege of getting all the development support from Google itself. 


Why Flutter? 5 important reasons!

  1. Single Codebase: single language, single framework, low development and maintenance cost. Enables developers to modify existing codes and find them straight away on the app. 
  2. Faster Productivity: Fixes bugs, performs experiments quicker, faster quality assurance process.
  3. Widgets: combine widgets, stack them, or create your own custom widgets.
  4. Smooth Performance: fluid user experience for developers and runs a significant number of codes without a pause.
  5. Highly customized UI: designed for building custom app interfaces regardless of the complexity of the element backed with a high-performance graphics engine. Also used by Adobe, Chrome, and Amazon Kindle. 


Flutter at Infanion?

Infanion has a dedicated team that deals with cross-platform mobile app development. This team is also our Flutter-team. And although Flutter is a new technology, we are ready to flutter for you! We are convinced Flutter is going to be the future and dream-maker for cross-platform applications. Do feel free to strike up a conversation about Flutter via info@infanion.com.

Let us know your thoughts! Let’s flutter!


Saniya Baranwal
IPLS Consultant CRS @ Infanion