This was our 2019!


The end of each year and the beginning of a new year is the ideal moment to evaluate the year that passed. For Infanion the year 2019 was an exciting year. Some data of the year 2019 at Infanion.


  • We worked almost 20.000 days in 2019, this are 180.000 hours or 10.800.000 minutes … 
  • We wrote 2.483.109 lines of code 
  • We created 6639 GIT branches 
  • We did 7669 commits in GIT 
  • We generated more than 1900 SonarQube reports 
  • We successfully started the implementation of our SAFe release train concept 
  • We finalized more than 300 releases 
  • We handled almost 12.000 todos (stories, tasks) 
  • We completed nearly 500 sprints 
  • We did approximately 2800 daily scrums 
  • We executed almost 180 security tests 
  • We handled 20 performance tests 
  • We wrote more than 9000 test cases 
  • We spent almost 4000 hours on automated testing 
  • We gave and followed 10.500 hours of training 
  • We got 7 new Amazon certificates 
  • We got a scrum master certification 
  • Amazon AWS renewed our Amazon AWS consulting partner status 


A very warm thank you to our customers for their trust and support in 2019.
And of course a very big thank you to everyone at Infanion for making this possible with their hard work, commitment, enthousiasme and flexibility.


Thanks! And now up to 2020!