Immoweb Docs & Amazon AWS


Immoweb Docs is a web-based application we developed for Immoweb (Axel Springer).  House owners and renters can use Immoweb Docs to create digital rental agreements. The house owner and the renters are able to share feedback on the agreement, finetune the agreement, sign it in a digital and 100% legal way (making use of Connective or Itsme) and store the agreement and related documents in a personal digital vault.


We developed Immoweb Docs in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and we used Amazon AWS services to handle multiple tasks.



Load management:

As Immoweb Docs needs to handle an intensive load at the same time, we implemented a load balancing solution making use of AWS ELB (Elastic Load Balancer).



Immoweb Docs is a growing application, so we decided to go for a scalable solution with the help of AWS auto scaling groups.



Uptime is critical for Immoweb Docs, as for many users the creation of their digital contract is business critical. That’s why we opted for the concept of AWS multi availability zone.

Our inhouse certified AWS solutions architects and cloud practitioners are 24/24 and 7/7 available to resolve any infrastructure issues that might occur. The result? Since the launch of Immoweb Docs we have a 100% uptime.



Performance is key for Immoweb Docs, so we included CloudFront as CDN to deliver the static content faster to the users and to decrease the load on the servers.



Security is a major concern for every web-based application, so it is for Immoweb Docs as confidential contracts are created. To keep the servers and the connection to the database secure, we make use of AWS security groups.


Secure storage:

Immoweb Docs is storing lots of sensitive documents. To keep them secure we enabled AWS S3.



Immoweb Docs & Amazon AWS -  architecture



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Vasu Reddy
Development @ Infanion