Amazon DeepLens: game changing technology


Amazon DeepLens: top in town, groundbreaking, and an absolute game-changer.  Amazon DeepLens is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) infused wireless video camera that runs on programmed machine learning projects, mainly for object recognition. The name has got its heaviness to it: Deeplens. 


How is Amazon DeepLens different from your regular identification and/or recognition cameras?

Amazon DeepLens is a machine learning-based camera. For people who are unaware of what ‘machine learning’ is; It’s a method of analyzing data with machine-level intelligence. You provide a bunch of data to the machine, it recognizes the patterns, identifies outcome, and make decisions with minimal human intervention. You can teach a machine how to learn. This is where all the difference lies. Every other similar device needs a human being at the last step to approve/disapprove. Deeplens is an AI machine learning model that can make decisions for you. 


How can Amazon DeepLens benefit or bring added value to your business?

Amazon DeepLens is an absolute technology and the potential is huge. To unveil some of its possibilities, Amazon released a video about an Amazon DeepLens powered cat flap. And although the video shows a solution to a non-business related problem, this video gives in a few minutes an insight into the enormous potential of Amazon DeepLens. The cat flap is unlocked based on decisions taken by Amazon DeepLens and the decisions are taken based on machine learning.  Check out the video yourself:



Now, think freely and you will see the enormous potential of Amazon DeepLens. Intelligent access control, warning systems that automatically identify irregular situations, solutions for people with disabilities, educational solutions, sustainability solutions, gaming, and much more. 

DeepLens fits right in the smart industries – smart homes, smart retail, and smart industrial establishments as well as the majority of industries that physically deal with people or customers. Counting footfalls in a multinational retail corporation, opening up the garage only for recognized plates, receiving alert texts, and I leave the rest to your imagination. It really is the future. 


Amazon DeepLens and Infanion?

The emerging technologies team of Infanion is constantly looking for and exploring new groundbreaking technologies. Amazon DeepLens is definitely one of these groundbreaking technologies. Hence, we are already on it :). 

The developers of our emerging technologies team already have their hands on Amazon DeepLens and are exploring its fullest potential with currently several Deeplens devices and a first POC (proof of concept) project for one of our customers. 

So, if you are interested in knowing more about Amazon DeepLens or exploring how it could benefit your business, please do not hesitate to contact us via! We are more than open to discuss. 


Saniya Baranwal
IPLS consultant CRS @ Infanion