About the Infanion name

Sometimes people ask us: 'Why do you use images with kids on your website and in your communication? You are a software development company ... What's the link with the kids?'

Well, let's explain :)

A part of the name Infanion is derived from the Latin word 'Infans'. In Latin 'infans' means 'baby'. The English word infant also has its origin in the Latin word and means 'child'. You start seeing the connection already? Our name is based on 'infans', so that's why we use kids in our communication. And now we hear you thinking: 'OK, that I understand, but why is your name based on 'infans'?'

Well, let's also explain :)

Infanion is specialised in custom made software development. Together with our customers we create something totally new. And this 'something' is a software solution, whether it is cloud based, a mobile app, a stand-alone solution, ... This creation process starts from an idea and evolves ('grows') step by step to a real and 'full grown' software solution.

Now make the link with the growing-up of kids and the ultimate effort parents do to raise their kid(s). Parents will do everything to give their kids all they need to be successful in live. And this is exactly how we handle each software development project. We treat each project as our own child. Like a parent, we do really everything to give each project all it needs to become successful. And this comes with many responsibilities like listening and understanding, providing structure, giving respect, encouraging possibilities and talents, solving problems, never-ending flexibility, intense dedication, ongoing commitment, ... sometimes also worries. But above all it comes with a lot of fun, because we love developing projects, like parents love their kids.

So we treat each project as our own child and that's why our name is based on 'infans'.