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Infanion is a Belgian-Indian IT development company specialized in the development of software solutions. Infanion was founded in 2010 by Stephan De Pla, Mani Soundararajan and Peter Moens and grew from a company of 3 persons in 2010 to a company of almost 50 professionals in 2015. The majority of the Infanion team members are highly skilled software engineers.

At Infanion we share a passion for the worldwide web. We love the online world and all its exciting advantages and opportunities and believe when constructing a bridge between to the ‘old’ offline world and the 'new' online world new opportunities and powerful solutions arise. That 's why 'Bridging the offline and the online worlds' became the mission statement of Infanion. 



At Infanion we develop software solutions using technologies like a.o. iFo, Android, HTML5, Apple iOs, ....
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Offerings and solutions

Infanion develops and markets different kind of solutions like websites, webshops, apps, web tools, web applications and customized solutions. We also provide services like outsourcing and software consulting. 
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Infanion has two offices, one in Antwerp (Flanders - Belgium) and one in Bangalore (Karnataka - India).
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Infanion is an Ilmatix Invest company.

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